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Everything you need to know about SMART waste management solutions

Since recently, innovation has taken the waste materials management industry by storm, leading to the emergence of new tools aiming to facilitate waste collection and disposal.

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Rare are the industries that have been resistant to the recent technological revolution. However, until not long ago, the waste & recycling management industry was being hesitant to the idea of embracing new technologies because they were poorly adapted to the realities of this sector.

With important issues arising, environmental pressures and the introduction the “SMART city” concept, major players in the industry are now turning to information technologies (IT), paving the way for a smarter management of waste materials. Here is everything you need to know about some of the latest innovations facilitating waste collection and disposal.

SMART Waste Management : What Is Good About It?

Nowadays, small towns just like big cities are looking to adopt IT as a way to optimize the quality of their urban services and/or lower their costs. Waste management is among the most costly operations for cities, and it has a direct impact on the lives of residents. Through the use of IT, municipalities can see their operating costs drop significantly, but are also able to better inform and assist their citizens when it comes to waste disposal and management.

4 Ways to Use IT For Waste Management perations

1. Equipment
Various SMART devices like tablets, mobile phones and other peripherals can be installed in collection trucks to improve the productivity of fleet operations, to provide proofs of completed lifts, to generate collection history, and much more.

Lateral Innovations’s RFID solution features state-of-the-art equipment including an on-board computer and a camera. Discover more about our products here!

2. RFID technology

RFID technology is a reliable solution to improve collection fleet efficiency, to identify contaminants, to manage stolen/lost/damaged bins and to collect precious data on residents’ habits to raise their awareness about recycling and the sorting of waste materials. Moreover, it facilitates the introduction of incentive-based invoicing.

Thanks to Lateral Innovations’ RFID technology, each residential and commercial bin is equipped with an RFID chip associated with a unique serial number that is red by an on-board scanner during collection. Instantly, the information about the owner’s address, the bin’s location, its content and collection status is transmitted to InnovaSuite’s software to be processed.

3. GPS system & Internet

Inventory management is both tedious and time consuming for municipalities. Thanks to GPS systems and to the Internet, it is possible to track collection, to identify exceptions and to retrace missing or stolen bins, in real-time. Resident support services are, therefore, improved.

Lateral Innovations’ InnovaDel software makes inventory management easy. InnovaMap and InnoAVL allow real-time collection tracking and monitoring from everywhere in the world, via the Internet.

4. Databases

Data acquisition during collection allows detailed reporting that facilitates decision-making for waste materials management teams. Different software and database types are available to cover all aspects of waste materials

Lateral Innovations helps municipalities and waste management services providers to create customized databases based on their specific needs.

Lateral Innovations is your partner for a smarter waste management

Lateral Innovations’ RFID technology is your first step towards a smarter management of waste materials. Learn more about our products and services. Feel free to visit our “Achievements” page featuring some of our clients’ success stories!


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