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Since the implantation of Lateral Innovations’ technology in Okotoks, Alberta, the Town’s waste materials management operations are more efficient than ever.

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When Innovation Benefits a Whole Town

In 2016, the Town of Okotoks in Alberta was looking for a reliable and user-friendly solution offering top-quality technical support to help its waste management team optimize its operations. With this new technology, Okotoks wanted to facilitate the whole waste materials management process – from collection tracking to the production of various reports, through resource inventory management. After doing its own due diligence, the Town decided to turn to Lateral Innovations’ software suite - InnovaSuiteTM - our turnkey solution.

Quickly after establishing Okotoks’ waste management needs, our team was on its way to Alberta to install the technology on the Town’s 5 trucks. During our stay, we also made sure to provide training to all future users of the technology. After 2 weeks of close collaboration, Okotoks was finally ready to launch and use InnovaSuite and its components.

Since the implantation of Lateral Innovations’ technology, Okotoks has noticed several benefits on its waste materials management operations. Day-to-day, InnovaSuite facilitates the waste management team’s work and simplifies its communications with truck operators. Consequently, Okotoks now has the ability to respond to residents’ requests faster and more efficiently than before. Moreover, the quality of our technology’s GPS signal has allowed the Town to collect precious data used in managing collection. In addition, Okotoks says that thanks to data acquisition on waste materials production habits and collection history, InnovaSuite helps the Town to better assist its residents. Finally, our technology has not only allowed the Okotoks to maintain its status as a waste management leader and forerunner locally, but also nationally.

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Convincing results

When Innovation Benefits a Whole Town

  • Reduction of the garbage set-out rate by 17%

  • 35% drop in reported missed collections

  • Important reduction of follow-ups with truck operators & suppliers

  • Saving & reinvestment of numerous working hours

  • Increase in the quality of their residents support services

Chris Radford

Infrastructure and Operations Director, Town of Okotoks

Chris Radford

"Through utilization of Lateral Innovation the Town has been able to provide a real time link between our collection drivers and administration staff to improve response times to customer inquiries."

In addition, our cart management tracking system has improved significantly since the launch of this software. This tool has enabled the Town to evolve routing schedules and optimize collection zones based on the customer use statistics for our three stream collection program.