Case study

Bluewater Recycling Association

The Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA) has always distinguished itself with its innovative approach to recycling. Since their team began using Lateral Innovations’ software, the NPO from Ontario has been able to efficiently track its 125,000 wheelie bins, facilitating the identification of lost/stolen and contaminated units.

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Bin Tracking Made Easy With Lateral Innovations' Technology

A real trend-setter in the waste management sector, the Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA) is responsible for the collection of recycling materials and residential waste in many municipalities located in Middlesex, Lambton, Perth and Huron Counties (Ontario). The association has been using RFID technology since 2008.

BRA’s Initial Situation & Needs

In 2016, BRA was looking for software that would allow its waste management team to maximize the benefits of the RFID technology installed on the containers of the municipalities served. More specifically, the organization’s main problems were keeping track of its 125,000 wheelie bins that were out at resident locations, as well as determining if a bin was being lifted after someone reported a bin stolen. It was at that moment that the Association turned to the services of Lateral Innovations. In the fall of 2016, one of Lateral Innovations’ support technicians was on its way to BRA’s office to install the company’s InnovaSuite solution. Following the implementation of InnovaSuite, Lateral Innovations proceeded to a deep analysis of BRA’s workflow with a view to proposing lines of operational improvement. Additionally, one of its programmers made sure to follow-up regularly with BRA, making sure its team was maximizing the benefits of using the software.

Lateral Innovations’ Technology at the Service of BRA

On a daily basis, Bluewater Recycling Association uses InnovaSuite software to mark contaminated bins, which allows its office team to provide knowledge and awareness to residents as to what is and what is not acceptable. Also, the technology helps BRA decrease its residue in its processing plant.

Since the implementation of the software, BRA has been able to reduce its number of missing bins, by 75% in one year. Moreover, the Association was able to increase communication between its wheelie bin audit team and its drivers, facilitating efficient daily operations. In addition, its residents support services have been significantly improved since using InnovaSuite. More precisely, BRA’s office team has been able to better answer residents’ inquiries – bin repair/replacement/tracking/etc. – because the technology allows the Association to be confident in which bins residents have at their location. Finally, with Lateral Innovations’ solution, the Bluewater Recycling Association is strengthening its leading position in the recycling industry across Canada and serves as a model, in the country and abroad.

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Convincing results

Bins tracking made easy with Lateral Innovations' technology

  • Efficient and precise tracking of 125,000 wheelie bins dispersed in four counties

  • 75% decrease of missing bins in only a year (4,000 to 1,000)

  • Improvement of communication between the wheelie bin audit team and the truck drivers

  • Effective tracking of contaminants to help educate & inform residents about recycling

  • Overall improvement of collection operations

Michelle Courtney CPA, CA

Controller, Bluewater Recycling Association

Michelle Courtney CPA, CA

"Lateral Innovations allows us to keep track of these bins, so we know where each and every one of our bins are."

Over the past 10 years we have spent $5 Million on wheelie bins for residents within our community. Lateral Innovations allows us to keep track of these bins, so we know where each and every one of our bins are. Having a large geographical area, we would not be able to do this without RFID technology like Lateral. Additionally, we have worked closely with Lateral developing many changes to their software to allow increased communication between our drivers and our bin team, as a result this has improved the contamination picked up at the curb and ultimately processed in our Material Recovery Facility.